Mobile FAQ's

What do I need for logging in to The Bump app?
You need to register with one of the following sites from XO Group:, or You can log in to The Bump app with a registered account. You can also create an account by tapping on the Join button on the log in page within The Bump app. You won’t have to log in again unless you manually log out first.

Why am I brought to the Update Account page once I log in?
It means your log in credential might be registered from a sibling site of ours other than In order for you to efficiently use this app, we need to collect some pregnancy-related questions from you, such as your due date.

As an existing user, why is my previous appointment being shown under a different week?
If you used the pregnancy checklist tool on before October 2012, you may have already created some appointments and/or to-dos. In The Bump app, the dates and times for these appointments and to-dos will stay untouched; however, we will show them in a personalized week calendar versus the default calendar week (Sunday to Saturday) to provide more accurate weekly info tied to your due date.

Why do I see “birth date” also listed on the My Account page?
We are already working on extending The Bump app past pregnancy. Baby’s birth date will be used in a future release to provide you with weekly info, to-dos and advice for your baby just as you used it for pregnancy.

How can I get additional support for using this app? | (800) 975-0950
Hours: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST

How do I log out?
On the launchpad or dashboard (main screen of the app), tap on My Account. On the bottom of the next page, you can tap on the Log Out button.